Trading Hours

Depend on the needs of the client 

Registered Nurse

  • Initial Assessment by Registered Professional Nurse before commencement of care is compulsory. 

  • A care plan is set up by the Registered Nurse after the evaluation /assessment and the Care Giver is orientated accordingly. 

  • Initial Assessment is a once off fee (additional charges will be added for areas further than 25km).

  • Follow up visits: By the Registered Nurse of at least once a week/month (depending on the condition/diagnosis of the patient) are an essential part of ensuring that the patients are receiving continuous/correct care. A minimum monthly follow up is therefore also compulsory. 

  • These follow up visits include a basic evaluation and one procedure.

  • Extra procedures are charged per procedure. (Procedures include  blood pressure; dressings; stitches/clips removals; catheterization of females, stoma care etc).


Enrolled/Auxiliary Nurses

  • Shifts and other service options are the same as that of Care Givers but related to appropriate training.


Care Givers

  • Day shift: 9 hours shift ( Extended hours will be charged per hour).  

  • Different/single days per week can be arranged as needed

  • Care of a few hours per day can only be considered if there are enough clients in any given area to keep the care giver busy for at least 9 hours.

  • Night shift: According to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, people who work night shift have to be paid a night duty allowance therefore rates are different (minimum hours per night shift is 12 due to safety of Care Givers when travelling).

  • Sleep in tariff: is worked on a basis of payment for 14 hours (This shift is only applicable if the patient does not require much care after the 14 hour shift – i.e. goes to bed and only needs to be helped once or twice for short times to toilet etc) 

  • Sundays & Public Holidays: According to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, people who work on Public Holidays and Sundays are entitled to receive double payment.

  • Time and a half: If the Care Giver works more than 180 hours for the month, the tariff becomes time and a half. This will be clarified before the hours are worked. This only happens if the client for instance requests a specific Care Giver to work more hours. 


Tariffs available upon request