Package deals are tailor made according to the needs of the client, this includes:

  • Provision of nursing care to patients who have just been discharged from hospital / chronically ill / long term and complex care needs

  • Provision of Care Givers for general care and support or Registered / Enrolled / Auxiliary Nurses for more specialized care where needed. 

  • Live in services

  • Day &/or night care

  • SHOMAR is registered to the BFH therefore authorization for payment of services to be rendered can be obtained from Medical Aids if client has care giving services inclusive of their packages! (the client has to obtain authorization prior to commencement of any treatment by submitting a letter from their doctor and the . Accounts are to be paid by client to Shomar Home Care Practice and then claimed back from the Medical Aid)

Operational Methodology

  • The Professional/Registered Nurse: does assessments / follows up assessments and specialized nursing care procedures. (With assessment data the Professional/Registered Nurse sets up a Care Plan specific to the needs of the client for the Care Givers and checks that correct care is given) 

  • Enrolled/Auxiliary Nurses – can be provided for patients who need more specialized care Enrolled / Auxiliary Nurses for more specialized care where needed

  • Care Givers available for general care and support which  according to the National Bill of Health includes:

  •  *Hygiene: Bath / Shower / Bed bath etc; Washing of hands after sanitary procedures; Mouth care; Eye care basic; Hair combing/washing; Shave/make up; Hand & Foot hygiene -Clip/file nails) etc. 
  • *Nutrition (intake): All meals; snacks give as per routine/diet  Prepare meals /serve covered and on tray; Feeding of helpless; fluid intake (chart in milliliters & total every 24hrs)
  • *Elimination (output): Asses & report elimination – Urine / Stools / vomit; care of catheter / colostomy bags etc
  • *Prevention of skin breakdown: Moisturizing of skin; 2 hourly Change of position & attention to pressure parts to stimulate circulation etc 
  • *Promote/maintain sleep & reassurance: Silence & respect in workplace; constant reassurance of the confused/disoriented; report sleep patterns
  • *Exercises:  to improve mobility & prevent deformities; massaging  etc
  • *Basic emergency care; Basic wound care/inspect dressing; basic CPR; VITAL SIGNS Temperature/ Respiration/ Pulse/ Blood pressure 
  • *Special care Help with/ give O²/ inhalations; Assist with intake of pre sorted oral medication / monitoring of pain pump; Blood Glucose etc
  • *Environmental hygiene; All actions done to prevent cross infection: Bed making/changing & wash clothes/linen; Clean drinking water daily; Furniture+ Wheelchairs etc clean; dustbins clean & odourless; Clean bathrooms/toilets/bedpans /urinals; Kitchen, no open food, wash dishes as necessary; Rapport any insects/pests immediately; tidy up/damp dust/mop
  • *Safety Provide Physical safety: bell/ cot side or alternative / room and home must be safe for patient; Emotional /Psychological: Promote a climate to support the distressed/dying client and the family; Social Activities: accompany where needed; Mental and Physical stimulation- help with hobbies/occupational therapy exercises
  • *Maintain accurate records of all actions: Any change in the patient’s condition has to be reported to a family member, the Registered Nurse.