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To Care And Protect

I shall pass through this world but once any good therefore that i can do for any
fellow creature let me do it now let me not defer or neglect it for i may not pass this way again


There are more people in need of care in the homes of this country than in the hospitals/health institutions! 

The needs are diverse and most of the time, most of the people can cope but there comes a time when the helping hands and tender loving care of a  knowledgeable stranger is very welcome – this is the time that “Shomar” and our associated professionals and qualified health care workers will strive to stand in the gap…   

Home care offers care and protection of loved ones/yourself at a fraction of the cost of formal institutions,  Therefore Shomar exists to give a high standard of  “TOTAL PATIENT CARE” in which the physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs of the patient/client are met at home (including retirement villages; step down facilities; frail care facilities etc).